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Welcome to my official website! I'm Tim Danielz, a passionate musician dedicated to creating soulful and inspiring music. Here, you'll find my latest tracks, upcoming shows, and a glimpse into my musical journey. Thank you for visiting, and I hope my music resonates with your heart.

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Crafting Modern Pop with 80s Synth Magic Born and bred amidst the rich cultural tapestry of Germany, Tim Danielz emerged as a luminary musician, blending the evocative nostalgia of 80s synths with the infectious allure of contemporary pop. His musical odyssey began at the tender age of 12, when he first discovered the transformative power of melody and rhythm. Tim's artistic evolution has been a kaleidoscope of genres, from the raw energy of alternative rock to the soulful introspection of acoustic pop. Each project served as a stepping stone in his journey, shaping his sound and refining his craft. Yet, it was with his latest endeavor, Tim Danielz, that he found his true calling—a fusion of past and present, a symphony of 80s synthscapes and modern pop sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical luminaries, Tim's influences span the gamut from the timeless rhythms of Phil Collins to the contemporary charisma of The 1975 and the magnetic allure of Harry Styles. With each chord he strikes and each lyric he pens, he pays homage to the icons who have shaped his musical landscape, while charting a course uniquely his own. In Tim Danielz, listeners are transported on a mesmerizing journey through the neon-lit alleyways of nostalgia, where shimmering synths intertwine with infectious hooks, and evocative lyrics paint vivid portraits of love, longing, and liberation. It's a sonic tapestry that transcends time and space, inviting audiences to lose themselves in the pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies that define the essence of Tim's musical vision.

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